XylimanBaltic OÜ's business area is the packaging, retail and wholesale of polyol products in Estonia.

The main product at the moment is FRENZY xylitol pastilles, which can be bought wholesale from our online store and retail from Selver stores all over Estonia.

The company was founded in 2016 with the aim of providing our people in the Baltics with access to xylitol, an approved caries-prevention remedy known throughout the world for decades.

XylimanBaltic OÜ values the high quality of the raw materials of Frenzy pastilles and, in production, the avoidance of non-natural additives. The product is sweetened exclusively with xylitol, which constitutes 97–98% of the finished product. Only natural aroma oil is used for flavouring the pastilles.

The polyols used in the products originate from Europe and the culinary art of creating suitable delightful flavour profiles originates in Finland.

XylimanBaltic OÜ

Office and Packaging Centre

Valtu küla, Öökulli Triiphoone

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Frenzy ksülitoolpastill ksülitool suhkruvaba takistab kaariese tekke